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Beautification Action Team

The Beautification Action Team supports the beautification and upkeep of the community. We love expanding opportunities for community members to have the chance to be proud of their homes and their neighborhood. We also partner with businesses on the Commercial Strip in the Glens to improve on amenities, offer gathering places, and prioritize safety.

The Beautification Team is responsible for a variety of programs and projects:

  • Dumpster Days 

  • The Adopt-A-Yard Program 

  • The Community Tool Library

  • Gateway Stone

Past Projects

  • Clem Dufour Park Landscaping Day


Dumpster Days

Improving the neighborhood while also lifting each other’s spirits!

We believe that it is extremely important to keep our neighborhood clean, while also connecting our community with helpful resources. That is why we host annual Dumpster Days for residents who are unable to utilize free vouchers from the City of Dacono and have larger items they want to dispose of. On Dumpster Days,  dedicated community members across the Glens host Dumpsters on their property. Residents have a variety of locations across the neighborhood to choose from, so our dumpsters are easily accessible to the whole community.  

Join us for our next Dumpster Day! - Saturday, May 21st, 2022 from 9am to 2pm

200 Glen Ayre St. / 1207 Macoy Ct. / 1067 MacDavidson Cir.

See our "Upcoming Events" page for more details

dumpster day 2022
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Community Tool Library

We want our neighbors to have the ability to beautify their homes without worrying about the costs associated with upkeep and maintenance!

Our Community Tool Library has a variety of yard and gardening tools! Community members are free to borrow equipment and amenities from our tool library at no cost to them. If you would like to borrow tools from the Community Tool Library, please contact one of our leads: 

Danny Long | (303) 661-0038

Rickey Wittman | (720) 312-1142

Items available to be borrowed: 

 Gardening Gloves | Soil | Free Seeds {Donated by one of our partners, Brigit's Bounty Community Resources in Fredrick, CO} | Soil | Fertilizer | Shovels | Rakes | Gardening Tool Sets | And Much More!​

Adopt-A-Yard Program 

Our coalition started the Adopt-A-Yard program because we wanted to provide opportunities to partner with our neighbors and involve other community members in the process.

If you need assistance with the upkeep of your yard, apply to be our partner! Yard maintenance and upkeep through our program is free of cost. We want to partner with as many community members as we can through this program and make it accessible to everyone. 

If you want to volunteer and partner with your neighbors to help maintain their yards, this program is the one for you! We also offer community service hours to high school and college students who need to complete hours.


Partner with Us

Do you need assistance with the upkeep and maintenance of your yard?

In order to receive assistance and become a partner, please fill out our Adopt-A-Yard assistance application. Once you have filled out our application, please email us a copy at:

The copy can be scanned or it can be a picture. If you can't email us a copy, give us a call at 720-899-0893.

Volunteer Your Time

Do you want to partner with your neighbors to help them beautify their yards and gardens?

If you're interested in volunteering through our Adopt-A-Yard Program, get in touch with us! You can either email us or give us a call at 720-899-0893.

Adopt-A-Yard is a "volunteer as needed" program. We don't know when partners will reach out to us seeking assistance. Therefore, schedules may vary. After you reach out to us, we will coordinate a time to discuss the position with you, note down your availability, and have you sign volunteer waivers.

Clem Du Flor Park Landscaping Day

With the support of our partner Wells Fargo, our coalition was able to help beautify our local park!

In 2018, our coalition installed benches and renovated the berm at Clem Du Flor Park. Our amazing partner Wells Fargo even took the initiative to bring their staff members out to help us with this large and exciting project! Landscaping Day is actually one of our coalition's biggest projects to date.

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Stone Wall

The Glen's very own Community Gateway Stone!

Coming Soon . .  .  .

Join Us!

Are you interested in joining the Beautification Team?

Meeting Time:

2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month

4:00 - 5:30 p.m.

Contact us if you're interested in joining the Beautification team!

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