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Connections Action Team

The Connections Action Team informs the community, invites participation, and develops outreach opportunities. We love connecting and communicating with people. If someone needs resources or assistance, we're there to help connect them!


The Connections Team is responsible for: 

  • The Neighborhood Ambassador Program 

  • Design and Publication:

    • Editing and updating our website

    • Posting on our social media platforms

    • Creating seasonal newsletters, fliers, and mailers

  • Communicating on behalf of the coalition

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Neighborhood Ambassador Program 

To build a unified community, you need to get to know your neighbors!

The Pride of the Glens believes that bringing people together is a great way to build a strong, cohesive community. We formed our Neighborhood Ambassador Program to listen to our neighbors’ dreams, gifts, and concerns in the Glens of Dacono. Neighborhood Ambassadors are responsible for having Learning Conversations with residents in the Glens to connect them as contributors to our coalition and refer them to helpful services and resources. 

What are Learning Conversations?

It's all about listening to our neighbors!

The goal of a learning conversation is to learn more about our neighbor's gifts, dreams, and concerns. We want to hear from people who live in, or are connected to, the Glens. By listening to our neighbors, we find out what they are passionate about and how we can further connect them to the community!

Are you interested in having a learning conversation?

Click on the button below to reach out to us. We'll treat you to coffee and donuts from Daylight Donuts in Dacono!

We invite you to have a Learning Convers

Interested in becoming an Ambassador?

Are you outgoing and social? Do you love connecting with people and helping them find resources? Do you want to help us improve the quality of life in the Glens?!

If you answered yes to all of these questions, look no further because this is the position for YOU!  


We are always open to welcoming new ambassadors into our program! Ambassadors have the option of receiving payment or volunteer hours. If you want to learn more about the ambassador program and what the position entails, click on the button below to view the position description.

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Holiday Lighting & Decoration Contest  -
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Winter 2020 Newsletter

Check out our latest newsletter!

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Social Media

Our coalition wants to reach out to as many neighbors and connectors as possible in the Glens. The connections team works hard to keep everyone updated regarding any coalition or neighborhood activities on both of our social media platforms. On our Instagram and Facebook pages, we post about:

  • Our Past, Current, and Future Events

  • Community Resources

  • Neighbor Appreciations

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Community Partners

If you want to check out our social media pages, click on the buttons below! 

Take our Neighborhood Survey!

WE want to hear from YOU!

The Pride of the Glens is listening to input from the community in order to better improve the quality of life in the Glens. In order to do this, we created a survey!

We would really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to answer our neighborhood survey. We can't wait to hear your feedback!

Get Involved

Want to join our Connections Action Team? 

Contact our ambassador lead, Nathalia!

Nathalia M. Tavares

Neighborhood Revitalization AmeriCorps

(970) 805-0366

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