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Events Action Team

The Events Action Team focuses on building a sense of community by creating events that the whole neighborhood can participate in. We're the social butterflies of the community! We love creating spaces where our neighbors can get to know one another, have fun, and celebrate the neighborhood we all love! 

The Events Action Team is responsible for hosting, organizing, and leading a variety of our coalition's events. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Block Parties

  • Home Repair Dedications 

  • Neighborhood Contests

  • Coalition Meetings


Block Parties

The Pride of the Glens knows how to have fun the right way!

We enjoy bringing the community together whenever we can. Blocks parties allow us to connect with our neighbors and celebrate our neighborhood. We take pride in our neighborhood and do everything we can to provide a sense of community.

Neighborhood Party Glen Ayre 10.jpg

Home Repair Dedications

Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley staff and volunteers partner with families in the Glens to make critical repairs on their homes. Once the repairs are complete, we like to celebrate the repairs, the families, and everyone's hard work! Our coalition partners with Habitat to help plan these amazing celebrations, which are known as Home Repair Dedications.

Below are a few of our Home Repair Dedication pictures!


Jose and Sophia's Dedication

DSCF7446 (2).JPG

Debbie's Dedication


Jannette's Dedication


Graciela's Dedication


Kenda's Dedication


Jacque's Dedication

If you want to learn more about Habitat's Critical Home Repair Program, click on the button below.

Neighborhood Contests

A little friendly neighborhood competition never hurts!

We love to engage our neighbors in fun activities. Contests are a great way to connect with one another and acknowledge everyone's amazing talents!


Coalition Meetings

Inclusive meetings where we can take action and plan improvements for our neighborhood!

As the Events team, we love organizing spaces where our coalition can meet and mobilize our talents. We like to mix up where we meet in order to be more accessible to our members. We' used to have meetings at El Taco Loco, Clem Dufour Park, and New Horizons Church before we opened the Community Center in 2023!

Join Us!

Are you interested in joining the Events Team?

Meeting Time:

1st Tuesdays of the month

6:00 - 7:30 p.m.

Contact us if you're interested in joining the events team!  

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