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Meet the Team!


Jannette Rogers

Core Leader

Events Action Team

With us since the start of the coalition, Jannette Rogers is one of our founding leaders! Jannette has happily lived in the Glens for 5 years. She partnered with St. Vrain Habitat to get her home repaired in 2019. The picture above is from her home repair dedication!

Jannette loves the Glens because it is a quiet neighborhood and her neighbors are friendly. The coalition has allowed her to meet more residents and get out of her comfort zone. She doesn't consider herself to be outgoing but the coalition has definitely given her the opportunity to make new connections.

Jannette is a person of many talents. She plays the clarinet and bass clarinet, and is in 3 different bands! Go, Jannette! She really enjoys sewing and even makes her own clothing. Jannette is also very active at her church. As a matter of fact, she's a member of the Praise band which is her church's band. Jannette's newest pastime is hanging out with her adorable calico kitten.


Ty Tomlinson

Core Leader

Events Action Team

Ty is one of our neighborhood superstars! He joined the Pride of the Glens coalition in December of 2018 and has been a core leader ever since. He joined the coalition because strongly believes that if you live in community, you should be involved with the community.

Ty has lived in the Glens for about 40 years and enjoys how peaceful the neighborhood is. The Glens is near bigger cities like Longmont and Denver, but it has a small town feel that Ty really loves. He also enjoys being so close to his favorite businesses, which is another big plus.


On Ty's free time, he loves walking his dog Kinzie. They both walk about 2 to 2.5 miles per day! Isn't that amazing?! He also enjoys hiking in the mountains and spending quality time with his two grandkids who are 12 & 10 years old. 


Nicole Erickson

Core Leader

Events Action Team

Nicole has been a core leader in the coalition since our founding! She joined because she wanted to get to know her neighbors and play a bigger role in her community. Nicole brings in a ton of event planning experience and is the creative guru of the coalition. 

Nicole is a Habitat homeowner and she has dedicated hundreds of hours into building her own home. She has lived in the Glens for 3 years now. Nicole likes living in the Glens because there isn't an HOA. She also loves her relationship with her neighbors and says that they constantly check in on her to make sure she's doing okay.


You can always find Nicole skateboarding around the neighborhood with her daughter, Dylan. Nicole is super passionate about art and is always working on innovative renovations in her home. Nicole is also interested in horses and cars. Isn't she cool?!


Dylan Erickson

Youth Leader

Events Action Team

Dylan is Nicole's super cool daughter and the coalition's youth liaison. Being the social butterfly that she is, Dylan loves connecting and socializing with everyone in the neighborhood. She joined the coalition with her mom when it first started and continues to play an important role with us! 

Dylan loves living in the Glens. You can always find her frolicking around Clem Dufour Park. She is also a master of disguise . . . and rad hairstyles! She's bold and loves to change up her look once in a while. Besides being really good at skateboarding, Dylan loves being artistic and hanging out with her best pals.


Fun fact about Dylan: she was actually one of the coalition's chalk art contest winners! Way to go, Dylan!


Rickey Wittman

Core Leader

Events & Beautification Action Team

Introducing yet another dedicated coalition founder *drum roll please*, Rickey Wittman! Rickey leads our coalition's snow removal and Adopt-A-Yard program. He's in both the Events and Beautification Action Team. Rickey joined the coalition because he loves his community and the people in it. He loves connecting with others and says that the coalition allows him to constantly connect with new neighbors. 

Rickey has proudly lived in the Glens for over 20 years. He loves the Glens because the neighborhood is peaceful and their neighbors are friendly. He can't imagine living in a better neighborhood!

Rickey is truly a joy to be around. He's extremely passionate about helping out his community whenever he can. You can always find him volunteering with his church or at local food banks. Rickey also has lots of hidden talents and hobbies. On his free time, he enjoys baking and cooking. Rickey also knows how to sew! So now you know who to go to when you're feeling hungry and have a rip in your shirt!


Kathy Wittman

Core Leader

Events & Beautification Action Team

Kathy has been in the Pride of the Glens coalition since our founding in 2017. Similar to her husband, Rickey, she is on TWO of our coalition's action teams. Kathy joined the coalition because she wanted to be more involved in her neighborhood and meet more of her neighbors. She thinks it's important to help make her neighborhood the best that it can be. 

Kathy has lived in the Glens for 30 years. She said that she loves the Glens because it's "quiet, friendly, relaxed, and the best place to live. My serenity"! She also thinks that her neighbors are very genuine. 


Kathy is a natural born leader and loves to take initiative. She really knows how to organize a community and lead major projects. Other than being involved with the coalition, she is also heavily involved at her church. She loves volunteering and helping out in any way that she can. Kathy is also a City Council member for the City of Dacono. Isn't she awesome?!


Sharyl McCune

Core Leader

Beautification Action Team

Innovative, trustworthy, fun. These are just a few of the ways residents describe this invaluable member of our team! Sharyl has been in the coalition since 2017 and has played a vital role in our Beautification Action Team ever since. She joined because she wanted to be a part of the improvements and beautification of her neighborhood.

Sharyl loves living in the Glens because she's closer to her family and close friends, who also happen to live in the Glens. Ever since she joined the coalition, Sharyl has also had the opportunity to meet tons of new neighbors and form great friendships with all of our members. 

Sharyl loves her family, but her dog Joey is definitely her favorite family member! On her free time, Sharyl loves to go out on walks with Joey and spend time outside. She  also loves gardening and planting. If you have a question about how to care for your plant or garden, Sharyl is your go-to! Bart McCune, the muralist and artist who painted our town's Dacono Mural, is actually Sharyl's son! It seems that their passion for beautification runs in the family!


Danny Long

Core Leader

Beautification Action Team

Danny joined the Pride of the Glens with the drive to help others and improve the quality of life in his neighborhood. Like most of our core leaders, he joined at the founding of our coalition. Danny initially joined because he loves helping others and being involved in the community. He worries about his neighborhood and has always wanted to play a bigger role any revitalization efforts. 

Danny has lived in the Glens for 11.5 years. He loves his neighbors and really makes an effort to meet his fellow community members. Danny loves his community so much, that he ran to serve on Dacono's City Council and won! He was elected in 2019 and is currently serving his first term. Danny is an amazing advocate for the Glens and Dacono as a whole. He has a heart of gold and a natural knack for leadership. 

Danny is a dog lover and people extraordinaire! On his free time, he loves to explore the Glens and connect with folks. There's a good chance that if you're in the area, you'll catch Danny making a neighbor's day with his contagious, bright personality.  

Mary - Tool library.png

Mary Fisher

Core Leader

Beautification Action Team

Mary is one of our many amazing coalition members leading the Beautification Action Team. Rather than us summarizing her thoughts on the Glens and our coalition, this leader bio is going to shake things up a bit. Fasten your seatbelts, because here's a quote directly from Mary herself!: 

"Why do I like the Glens of Dacono? It has become a home with neighbors that care about each other. You can get a wave and a hello even if you don’t know them. This neighborhood is all about helping each other, 'what do you need' and 'how can we help'?

I have lived in the Glens for the last 24 years and joined the Pride of the Glens to do precisely that. We can help so many people with only a few of us. I got involved 3 years ago and have not been disappointed in the goal of making our neighborhood a better place. It’s all about your neighbors".

What a BEAUTIFUL statement from such a insightful individual. Mary truly has a way with words!

Eileen's doggo.jpg

Eileen Gilday

Core Leader

Beautification Action Team

The grammar queen herself *drum roll please*, Eileen Gilday! Eileen joined the coalition when it first started in December of 2017. She joined because she saw a super intriguing coalition flier and went to an interest meeting. From that day forward, Eileen has been an active, irreplaceable member of our coalition.

Eileen has lived in the Glens for 20 years. She likes that housing in the Glens is more affordable compared to housing in other parts of Colorado. Eileen loves living in the Glens and takes pride in her neighborhood. She is a great asset to our coalition and we're lucky to have her on our team!

Eileen loves spending time with her dog, Cookie, and going on breathtaking hikes. Eileen is also a big foodie, her slogan is "life's too short for mediocre food". She knows all the best restaurants and bakeries to go to! However, Eileen's all time favorite thing to do is drive. She has 170,000 miles on her 10-year-old car. Way to go, Eileen!


Linda & Patrick Allour

Glens Business Owner

Business Strip Project

Linda & Patrick own Daylight Donuts of Dacono, one of the businesses in the Glens. They've always supported Habitat for Humanity's work and constantly try to be involved in the community. Linda has attended and supported many of our coalition's events, she loves being active and helping out the neighborhood when she can. Fun fact: Linda's aunt used to be an active volunteer with Habitat!  


Daylight Donuts has been in Dacono since 1985, but Linda & Patrick bought it in 2002. If you've been to Dacono and haven't stopped at Daylight Donuts, we highly recommend you stop by!


Linda's "Zen" place is her flower garden. Currently, she has roses and marigolds, her mom's favorite flowers. Every year, she picks one or two new flowers to plant. Linda and Patrick also have awesome travel goals. Their family recently bought an RV for their future travel plans. Patrick has never seen Mount Rushmore, so that's high on his bucket list! Linda's goal is to visit the Redwoods in California, which is full of giant, beautiful trees. Linda believes that trees give you a sense of history.


Micaela Chacon

Neighborhood Ambassador 

Connections Action Team 

Micaela is the coalition's social butterfly. If you mention Micaela's name to someone in the community, chances are that they know her! Our coalition likes to joke and say that Mica knows everybody in the Glens because of her extroverted, bubbly personality. She loves connecting with people and creating lasting relationships. 


Micaela's family has lived in the Glens for many years, so she feels extremely connected to the community. Mica is also a Family Support Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley and a Case Manager at the Carbon Valley Help Center. She's constantly meeting new people and connecting them to helpful resources.

Mica is passionate about philanthropy and nonprofit work. On her free time, you can find her volunteering or going on amazing road trips with her family and friends. Mica loves being engaged, active, and trying new hobbies. Her newest pastime is going to a variety of fitness classes and making new friends. She also enjoys cooking; her tasty homemade tamales will knock you off your feet! 


Krystal Winship Erazo

Neighborhood Revitalization Manager

Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley 

Krystal is the Neighborhood Revitalization Manager at Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley. She supports our development and growth as a coalition, as well as manages the critical home repair program here in the Glens. She brings years of experience and skills to the forefront in helping our coalition continue to succeed. 

Krystal loves being able to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of community leaders. She has a passion for community organizing and is constantly looking into ways to improve on her own leadership skills.  Krystal's capacity to be receptive, creative, and conceptual allows her to be a great leader, both at Habitat and within our coalition. 

Krystal most enjoys sharing time with friends and family in the mountains, the garden, and around the kitchen table. She's an amazing baker and cook, and loves trying new recipes!


Nathalia Tavares

Neighborhood Revitalization AmeriCorps

Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley 

Nathalia is our website's creator! She is volunteering with St. Vrain Habitat for 10.5 months through a national service program called AmeriCorps. Nathalia helps support Habitat's Neighborhood Revitalization program. She spends half of her time leading our Connections Action Team and the other half of her time working hands-on with Habitat's construction crew on home repairs. 


Nathalia came all the way from New Jersey to join us and started her service term in August. She studied at Rutgers University and obtained a degree in Communications. Nathalia is passionate about animal rescue and philanthropy. She also has prior experience with volunteering and event management for various nonprofits. 

Nathalia joined AmeriCorps because she wanted to help make a positive, lasting impact. Since she's arrived in Colorado, Nathalia has been able to help lead several coalition projects and connect with a variety of residents and leaders in the Glens. She loves being able to work with our coalition and gain more experience in community organizing. 

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